Mr. Vygandas Jūras has been appointed Head of MP Investment Bank - Baltic Branch


MP Investment Bank hf. has appointed Mr. Vygandas Jūras, as the Head of MP Investment Bank hf. Baltic Branch. He will start on February 1st 2008.

Mr. Vygandas Jūras has over 15 years of experience working in the finance related positions in Lithuania and internationally. Prior to joining MP Investment Bank, Mr. Juras worked as Director of Strategic Development and Research at TEO LT, for 5 years was a Partner and Country Director at a private equity firm BaltCap Management. Prior to joining BaltCap, Mr. Jūras advanced in his career from associate to manager at international financial advisory services firms: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte and KPMG/Barents Group, working in the United States, Central Asia and Ukraine. He has a Master’s of Management degree from International School of Management in Lithuania and a B.A. from Macalester College in the United States.

MP Investment Bank is a fast growing and progressive financial company that focuses on smaller European markets with high growth potential. It was founded in Iceland as MP Securities in 1999 and became an Invesetment Bank in the year 2003. MP Investment Bank’s head office is in Reykjavík, Iceland.

In January 2007, MP Investment Bank – Baltic Branch was established in Vilnius, Lithuania. The branch provides investors in the Baltic States and the Nordic countries with financial services, with an accent on investment in the financial markets of Eastern Europe. The bank´s primary goal is to be the first choice among high-net worth indiviuals and institutional investors, providing them with innovative services and consistent results year after year.

MP Investment Bank provides clearly focused, professional services that meet international standards. Its services include asset management, for individuals and companies, and brokerage services in domestic and foreign markets. As well, it takes on diverse projects in connection with financial services and consulting. At the core of the company is a group of specialists who achieve superior results through education, knowledge of the markets and extensive experience.

The bank is a member of seven OMX Stock Exchanges: Iceland, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius, as well as the Oslo Stock Exchange. It was the first financial institution in Europe to become a direct member of those eight stock exchanges, offering its clients access to a wide range of exciting investment opportunities.