Capital Markets

At Kvika Capital Markets, customers can trade in equities, bonds, and derivatives on all principal international markets. The experts at Kvika Capital Markets offer professional advice and personal service designed to meet the needs of each individual client.  

Derivatives trading for institutional investors

Kvika Capital Markets offers institutional investors the option of trading in derivatives. Such trading takes the form of swap contracts with the Bank. Both cash and securities may be used as collateral for the contracts.

Favourable purchase and sales commissions

Kvika Capital Markets offers favourable commissions to its clients, irrespective of whether trading takes place on the Nasdaq Iceland stock exchange or on international markets.

Custodial services

Kvika Capital Markets acts as a securities custodian for its clients. Once clients have established a custodial account with Kvika, they can access a statement of their securities holdings at any time. Clients are encouraged to contact Capital Markets staff for more information on the establishment of custodial accounts.

Access to international markets

Kvika is a direct member of the stock markets in Reykjavík, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Tallinn, Riga ,and Vilnius through the Nasdaq stock exchange partnership. Furthermore, Kvika has ready access to all principal markets in Europe and the United States.

Company Fact Sheets

Investment research company Morningstar offers company fact sheets for companies listed on the main markets in the Nordic-Baltic region. The fact sheets provide key financial data, including financial statements and profitability and performance analysis. 

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