About Kvika

Kvika banki hf. is a specialized investment bank focusing on asset management and capital markets. Kvika provides businesses, investors and individuals with comprehensive investment banking and asset management services as well as selected banking services.

Kvika's asset management team has an established reputation and offers solutions covering major asset classes, including fixed-income securities, equities, and real estate in both domestic and international markets.  

Kvika's headquarters are in Reykjavík, Iceland. 

Clients and services

The bank's goal is to be the first choice for individuals and institutional investors seeking quality services and consistent long-term results. The bank offers investors comprehensive asset management and private banking solutions. As a broker-dealer of securities on domestic and international markets, Kvika provides all major services in the field of corporate finance, including the most common forms of financing. Kvika is a member of the Nasdaq Iceland stock exchange.

The team

The bank employs a tight-knit team of experts who achieve success on the basis of their diverse educational background, in-depth knowledge, extensive experience, and dedication to meeting clients' needs.

Among Kvika's most important strengths are its responsiveness and receptiveness to change, which have served the bank well during the recent period of global market turbulence. Employees are encouraged to foster an adaptive culture in which roles can change quickly and efficiency is of key importance.

Our mission

We provide Icelandic businesses, investors, and individuals with selected banking services, comprehensive investment banking, and asset management services. Our financial health is based on our solid relationship with our customers, which in turn is based on our having the knowledge and skills necessary to support their growth and success.

Kvika Articles of Association 21.3.2018

Confirmation of Kvika as a commercial bank